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Welcome to SAEHAN

SAEHAN Corporation started 55 years ago when Tony Kim met Christian missionaries Mr. Eugene Adams and his wife Ruth Harris Adams MD. after they moved from New York to Seoul Korea. Dr. Adams volunteered to research Korean children’s diseases, and Mr. Adams, retired EV President of First National City Bank in New York, was looking to help a young Korean man by offering his experience to start a business. He introduced Tony Kim to J. A. Preston Corporation, a distributor of Rehabilitation Medicine and Physical Therapy products that was seeking a partner to manufacture their new product, the Jamar Hydraulic Hand Dynamometer.

J.A Preston acquired the JAMAR trade name as well as all the tools and parts from Dr. Ashimow in Los Angeles, California and sent them to SAEHAN in 1976. This began an exclusive relationship with SAEHAN to produce the JAMAR Hydraulic Hand Dynamometer on behalf of Preston and their subsequent company names for over 25 years. During this time, the reputation for accuracy and quality made the JAMAR Hydraulic Hand Dynamometer the leading choice for health care professionals and was used to develop the grip strength normalization tables for both adults and children published by Virgil Mathiowetz. Upon the expiration of the partnership agreement in 2001, SAEHAN continued to manufacture of the Hydraulic Hand Dynamometer and many other physical therapy products under the SAEHAN brand which are sold through a worldwide network of Authorized Distributors.

Since 1983, SAEHAN Corporation, our Hydraulic Hand Dynamometers and our other products have been registered with the FDA for sales in the United States. Our Digital Dynamometers were registered in 2005. Our products have also been approved for sale in the European Union and include CE Mark since 2005. Our CE authorization was recently renewed under the new MDR in 2022.

We continue to manufacture, distribute, and develop high-quality products for use in the physical therapy industry and look forward to your feedback and other ways we can continue to serve our customers throughout the world. Thank you for visiting our website and reviewing our products.

Sincerely, February 2024.

Tony Kim, Chairman
Gil Jin Jeon, President
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