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The starting point and center of all the values we pursue is customer satisfaction.
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2023 17, September
Appointed MVS-IN-MOTION as SAEHAN's Main Distributor and sevice Center in EU
2023 15, June
Approved renewal by FDA
2022 February
Got CE Marked by MDR
2017 September
Launched new model Mechnical Pinch Gauge desigend and manufactured by SAEHAN
2014 21, October
Factory moved to new building in the same Masan Free Trade Zone
2013 August
Approved CE Marked for Digital Hand Dynamometer(both DHD-1 and DHD-3)
2011 September
Developed DHD-1 and DHD-3 Digital Hand Dynamometers
2010 September
Registered Trade Mark of SAEHAN to USPTO
2005 09, May
Registered Digital Hand Dynamometers and others to FDA, and got CE Marked for Digital Hand Dynamometers and others
2003 06, January
Got CE Marked for Hydraulic Hand Dynamometer and others
2001 14, August
Ho-Jun Yun resigned the presidency, and Gil Jin Jeon was elected as 3rd President & CEO
2001 August
Terminated business with Sammons Preston Corporation
1998 June
Bissell transferred its shares to SAEHAN, and terminated Joint-venture Company
1989 May
Tony Kim resigned the presidency, and was elected as Chairmen. Ho-Jun Yun was elected as 2nd president & CEO
1983 07, January
Bissell group made M&A of J.A. Preston Corporation
1983 January
Registered Hydraulic Hand Dynamometer and other products to FDA
1980 June
SAEHAN Corporation registered to FDA. Operator # - 8040255
1976 April
Started to sell Hydraulic Hand Dynamometer exclusively through Preston Corporation with JAMAR trade name
1974 22, April
Moved into Masan Free Export Zone in Masan, Korea
1971 October
Joint-ventureed with J.A. Preston Corporation in New York, USA, and manufacturing Rehabilitation Medicine products, and exporting the products exclusively through Preston
1969 13, August
Estabulihed SAEHAN Corporation in Seoul, Korea. Tony Kim was elected as the 1st President & CEO
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